Breathe Rafi

Kaise Kategi Zindagi Tere Bagair.........

chandan tHE Artist in me.......


Inspiration from Rafi Saab..........

Inspiration to singing came to me only from Rafi Saab…There is something more to singing when it came to Rafi Saab..Was it just good voice, melody, feel, expression, modulation, range and all of that? Certainly not…..It was that unexplainable vocal chord that radiated invisible vibrations across humanity and world at large.

Probably because of the miraculous blend of all the singing qualities that he possessed with that humility and godliness that he conveyed and expressed silently and so naturally during his lifetime..!  A man of few words, he was a great human being and a singer that made him  the greatest legend of all times…

Was it his extremely deep and sterling qualities as a selfless human being that gave his voice that much more feel and truth in his renditions and to stand any test of time?

I would tend to believe so...!

Rafi Saab ki awaaz aur insaaniyat, rehti duniya tak kaayam rahegi….....

About Me :

Official name - K.S.Ramachandran, known lovingly as "Chandan" in the music circles as a performing artist singing predominantly Rafi numbers.

Me and Rafi Saab:

The soulful songs of Rafi Saab have been my companion and mate right from childhood and I have, since then been passionate about rendering his numbers


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